دورة تعليم النطق الصحيح للغة الانجليزية مجاناً

دورة تعليم النطق الصحيح للغة الانجليزية مجاناً


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الجزء الاول
American Accent Training – ACCENT REDUCTION

You supposedly have an non native, an accent that is normally excepted of most non native speakers. You may have a good knowledge of the English language but that does not guarantee a good accent. But what does a “good accent” mean? It means an accent that is easy on all ears across the globe. An accent that is understood by all in the international community, no matter who the listener is — an American or a British or an Australian or a Canadian or people from any country. This accent is called neutral accent. Do not assume that all native English speaking people speak with the same accent. They differ. And people who are not native English speakers — an Indian or a Chinese or a Korean — have their own typical accent patterns. Both of them — native English speakers and non-native English speakers — need to undergo the accent reduction process in order to acquire the neutral accent.

how to speak fluent english with an american accent.

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شاهد فديو الجزء الاول

American Accent Training – AY sound
To give you guidelines on the movement of your mouth parts for the correct AY sound.

To show where to put stress for AY sound for 14 words
To demonstrate the AY sound by using those 14 words in sentences

AY: When the letter A comes in a word, and sounds like an A as well. Produce this sound by keeping your chin falling down AND then bring it up to say an E. The combination of these two sounds is the American “A” sound.

Now see the position of the AY sound in fourteen sample words. To remind you of the meaning of bold capital, it means that you should put stress on that part while pronouncing the word.

For example,

Take : tAY-k Table : tAY-ble

Make : mAY-k Plate : plAY-t

Bake : bAY-k Late : lAY-t

Cake : cAY-k Faith : fAY-th

Fake : fAY-k Fate : fAY-t
Lake : lAY-k Great : grAY-t

Sake : sAY-k Mate : mAY-t

That has surely given you a good idea of how to pronounce those fourteen sample words, especially the bold capital parts. Now turn your teacher’s voice on for those fourteen words as they occur in the following sentences.

Please take me to the doctor……..

Can you make me a sandwich?

Do you know how to bake potatoes?

Have you tried a Strawberry cake?

Some people are so fake.

Let’s go down to the lake……

For God’s sake, don’t take that step!

Put the coffee on the table.

Can you pass the plate?

Never be late for your first day of work.

I’m sure you have faith in me?

No one can determine your fate.

That sounds just great.

In Australia, a friend is known as a mate.

How to speak fluent English with an american accent
شاهد فديو الجزء الثانى
American Accent Training — Ah Sound | Speak fluent English with an American accent.

AH: When your upper jaw as well as your lower jaw expand apart. Which means your upper jaw goes up, and your lower jaw goes down….. you make an AAH sound. Keeping in mind that your check muscles need to remain straight, and your mouth will form a shape of an oval.

For example,

Car : kAH-r Garnish : gAHr-nish

Far : fAH-r Garden : gAHr-den

Bar : bAH-r Pardon : pAHr-don

Jar : jAH-r Party : pAHr-ty

Mars : mAH-rs Hard : hAHr-d

Darts : dAHr-ts Guard : gAHr-d

Lava : lAH-vAH Cards : kAHr-ds

I bought a new Car

How far is the market

I saw two guys sitting at the Bar

In the cupboard there is a jar of jam.

Aliens come from Mars.

Have you ever played a game of darts?

A volcano erupts Lava…..

We still need to garnish the potatoes……

I beg your pardon, could you please repeat yourself?

Get ready soon, we need to go to a party.

I’ve always found math to be so hard.

You should always have a security guard.

There’s one thing that we can do, why don’t we play cards?

How to speak fluent English with American accent

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شاهد فديو الجزء الثالث

American Accent Training — Vowel sound AI
AI: When ONLY your lower jaw (chin) stretches down, you then produce an AI sound.

The sound break-ups for the 21 sample words.

For example,

Man : mAI-n Vanish : vAI-nish

Can : kAI-n Slavish : slAI-vish

Van : vAI-n Lavish : lAI-vish
Tan : tAI-n Pass : pAI-ss

Ran : rAI-n Track : trAI-k

Fan : fAI-n Hack : hAI-k

Hand : hAIn-d Lapse : lAI-pse

Massive : mAI-siv Tap : tAI-p

Traffic : trAI-fik Grab : grAI-b

Jam : jAI-m Chance : chAI-nce

Pan : pAI-n

Now your teacher will read out sentences to demonstrate the 21 words.

He’s a Man of great words.

Would you like to drink a Can of Pepsi?

I’ve heard he’s just bought a new Van.

Lying on the beach I developed a Tan.

While playing football he Ran like the wind.

It’s getting hot ! can you please turn on the Fan .

I think I’ve hurt my Hand.

In the morning today there was a Massive Traffic Jam.

There must be a frying Pan in the kitchen.

The burglar had to Vanish behind the bushes.

Even after so much of hard work, he was Slavish in his behavior.

In order to maintain his image, he had to be Lavish in his expenditure.

Can you please Pass the salt.

Did you the know our school has a national-size race Track.

At an early age he was referred to as a ‘computer whiz’, and could Hack computers.

In his professional career this was the biggest ever Lapse he saw.

The water Tap seems to be broken.

You must always Grab your opportunities, if given a Chance.

How to speak fluent English with neutral, American, british accent training

American accent training, british accent, voice and accent, American English, british English, English speaking, spoken English, business English, words, sentences, vocabulary, esl, fluent English, speaking English, business vocabulary, lets talk, letstalkpodcast
شاهد فديو الجزء الرابع
American accent training video lesson to speak fluent English like a native English speaker.

AW: When your lips form a circular formation, however, a bit of more opening than an exact O.

Now listen to your teacher how he producs the AW sound.
For example,

All : AW-ll Bought : bAW-t

Fall : f-AW-ll Thought : thAW-t

Call : kAW-ll Fought : fAW-t

Tall : tAW-ll Long : lAW-ng

Hall : hAW-ll Taught : tAW-t

Squash : sqAW-sh War : wAW-r

Ball : bAW-ll Brawl : brAW-l

Wall : wAW-ll Solve : sAW-lv

Contract : kAWn-trai-kt Crawl : krAW-l

Caught : kAW-t Walk : wAW-k

Posture : pAWs-chur

Now those words are used in sentences.

All the kids ran to the playground in their break time.

She looked down and was afraid she might Fall.

The Call Center Industry is at a booming stage.

The city was full of extremely Tall buildings.

For the marriage we must book a banquet Hall.

In the game of Squash the Ball has to hit the Wall.

Can I have your Contact number?

The police Caught him red handed.

I think he bought a second hand car.

Before signing the papers give it a complete Thought.

I think they both Fought all night long.

I must’ve Taught you how to ride a bike when you were young.

America and Iraq were on War for so many years.

You’ll always find a Brawl happening near a Bar.

Who can actually Solve this question of mine?

Babies first Crawl before they can actually Walk.

It’s important to keep a straight Posture while Walking.

How to speak fluent English with neutral, American, british accent training

American accent training, british accent, voice and accent, American English, british English, English speaking, spoken English, business English, words, sentences, vocabulary, esl, fluent English, speaking English, business vocabulary, lets talk, letstalkpodcast
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